The Blood Curse – The Witcher 2 Guide


The Blood Curse – The Witcher 2 Guide

After you meet with Henselt in his tent at the end of the Prelude to War: Kaedwen story quest, exit the tent and start toward the soldiers waiting outside.

Witcher 2 – Blood Curse Quest – Circle Puzzle Walkthrough

Walkthrough/gameplay of the circle minipuzzle

The Witcher 2 [Part 25] – Lifting The Blood Curse

Got some relics and some powders. Now we just gotta lift this annoying curse for an ungrateful king. How bad could it be?

Witcher 2 – Blood Curse

Getting King Henselt to end the curse. Nothing too crazy, just thought it was a cool scene

The Witcher 2…Blood Curse

Fighting through the mist for The Blood Curse quest — Watch live at