Characters classes – Castle Crashers Guide


Characters classes – Castle Crashers Guide

When first starting the game and selecting the campain, you will be given four choices of characters. All of the playable characters have different powers and

Castle Crashers Remastered best starter

In this video i will be diccussing who is the best starting character in Castle Crashers and Castle Crashers Remastered i also will be diccussing other great starting characters and what is the best combination of characters like red knight and blue knight or industrialist and fencer i also will mention great weapons to add on your characters along with great animals.

Castle Crashers – Ultimate Juggling Guide

Every useful juggle shown in one video.

0:00 – Important Tips
1:01 – Flying
1:40 – Lightweight
3:35 – Mediumweight
4:26 – Heavyweight
5:30 – Beefy (Lightweight)
5:56 – Necromancer
6:16 – Ground Combos
7:52 – Tornado (Lightweight)
8:21 – Tornado (Mediumweight)
8:59 – Tornado (Heavyweight)
9:10 – Tornado (Ground)
9:39 – Flying (Green Knight)
9:58 – Lightweight (Green Knight)
10:32 – Mediumweight (Green Knight)
11:02 – Co-op (Lightweight)
11:46 – Co-op (Mediumweight)
13:01 – Co-op (Heavyweight)
13:45 – Co-op (Lightweight Beefy)
14:09 – Co-op (Heavyweight Beefy)
14:32 – Co-op (Elite Conehead)
14:54 – Co-op (Stoveface)
15:11 – Co-op (Ground Combos)

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Castle Crashers Remastered-All Characters UPDATED

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Castle Crashers Remastered: How to do combos! | easy air juggling | Shred enemies fast! | 2022 |

Wanna show off to your friends your fighting skills? Need some help in insane mode? Well this video will be perfect for that. In this video, I’ll be showing off some combos that you could easily practice and implement into your castle crashers adventure! There are three tiers that we will be good for all levels of players! Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. So even if you are a really experienced player, you could still learn or see something you haven’t seen before! As always, if you enjoyed the video then subscribe if you enjoyed it. The support is greatly appreciated.